Yoga Therapy – How Yoga Teachers Can Facilitate Health and Wellness With Yoga Therapy

How can yoga teachers, holistic health practitioners, massage therapists and other health care professionals facilitate health and wellness? How comfortable are you exploring feelings and emotions, the full spectrum of your being?

1. Yoga Therapy

Yoga techniques can be applied to enhance health and wellness. Postures, yoga breathing, deep relaxation, mantras, meditation and other yoga techniques can be used as you create a safer place for the student to explore the deeper dimensions of his/her being. You’ll have to take into account each student’s age, culture, religion, and specific health challenge when selecting techniques. Then take it one step further by modifying those techniques according to needs.

As a yoga teacher and or holistic health practitioner, you can select both gross techniques like postures and breathing, as well as subtle ones like deep relaxation and meditation. These would all be included in your Yoga Therapy treatment plan.

2. Body Mind Spirit

Yoga psychology and philosophy are clear that the cause of illness and disease is the lack of knowledge of the true Self. We can explore body mind spirit using the specific 8-fold path (Ashtanga Yoga). This path is given in Patanjali’s yoga sutra, and has what is called Outer Limbs and Inner Limbs for a full exploration that leads to the experience of the true Self.

As a massage therapist, or therapist of another discipline, you can create a safer place for the client to examine physical challenges as as explore feelings and emotions. In Yoga Therapy, this is done within the framework of yoga psychology that amongst other beliefs identifies attachment and aversion as 2 of the forces to be investigated.

3. The Yoga Therapist

The most important key to facilitating health and wellness is the therapist herself or himself. The massage therapist, health care professional, holistic health practitioner, or yoga teacher wanting to share yoga as a healing path will bring Presence, Understanding and Compassion, having practiced both outer and inner limbs of Ashtanga Yoga during the formal training required. You, the practitioner would have explored your own feelings and emotions during the training, and your ability to be Present would have increased, as would Understanding and Compassion.

Yoga teachers, holistic health practitioners and individuals with a basic understanding of yoga can become wellness educators and offer a creative student-centered approach to sharing the techniques of yoga through Yoga Therapy. They can create a non-judgemental space for students to discover their true Self as they facilitate health and wellness.

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How to Maintain a Peaceful, Loving and Cherished Home and Family

Home and family! Both the words go hand in hand. One cannot have a home without a good and well-knitted family to live in it with, and without a home, a family cannot survive. A good and caring family is what any human being on this earth desires and craves for. But sadly, in today’s time, which is marked by too much job pressure, fatigue, stress, and anxiety, we often tend to push family second in our list of priorities. This is a huge loss, both personally and professionally for an individual. Having a nice home and family, is a blessing for every person.

We must understand the importance of family and the family members around us. It is necessary for us to treat them with respect, love and importance. You must show that you take care of people around you and take pain and effort to consolidate your relationship with them.

Remember, it is not the quantity but quality of time that you spend with your loved ones, which strengthens your relationship. Sitting at home watching TV or surfing net is not going to do any good to your relationship with your children, spouse or parents.

It is important that rather than thinking only about your problems and difficulties, you also pay heed to problems of your family members as well. Sharing each others problems will definitely wipe out all major concerns in life.

Respect and take care of your parents and guardians. Remember, you are going to set up an example for your children on how to treat elders. The saying goes, “What goes around, comes around.”

A beautiful home and family goes hand in hand. Light up the mood of your family by getting a nice home improvement done. Get some trendy furniture, bright wallpapers, aesthetic wall hangings, and add a new spice to your home and family.

Take your family out on a nice vacation. This will certainly add a little fun to your life and a will be a nice excuse for family re-union. Family fights are obvious. Rather than holding grudges against each other, learn to let it out. Look at the larger picture of happiness and love.

A nice home and family is what is needed to have a happy and peaceful life. Amidst all personal and professional adversities, it is up to us to maintain a healthy relationship among our loved ones.

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